Tony MP Joins Again!

Tony Mellory-Pratt already a member from going around South deep mark and running straight into the channel marker, has now had his 4th mishap in 4 years and it goes back to the old saying that you don’t have to reapply each year for the SWSYC!

In Poole Harbour on a regular Wednesday afternoon summer series at PYC, 2 minutes before the start a large gust of wind, which could be seen on the water, was coming his way. Tony was prepared for this but not the fact that when it arrived it was at a 90* angle than what he thought it would be. The boat was blown flat and within a few seconds water rushed in and the boat began to sink. The main and the jib were in tight and there was no time to release them. Anthony was thrown over onto the mainsail when the boat went over but appears to have come out without any injuries. Tony and his crew Mike were picked up within 5 minutes by the race officer or one of his helpers.

It appears Tony has done the impossible by capsizing an XOD. I was always told this was impossible as there is so much lead on the bottom but Anthony has now proved them all wrong.

Some say it might have been a mini tornado that caused the mishap. Who knows…..