Bob Fisher’s 80th birthday celebrations

What can one say about the world’s number one yachting journalist, the world’s number one America’s Cup author and indeed the world’s number three million, two thousand, eight hundred and second authority on gardening! Well, let me tell you, he’s just celebrated his eightieth birthday and what a pleasure, and indeed privilege it was to join Bob Fisher and his family aboard the good ship “Rum Jungle”.

Hugh Agnew and his delightful crew, Christie and Christian, made it a very special occasion indeed, and as we cruised around the Solent, with the inevitable glass of champagne to hand, I found myself being reminded of past happy memories. I’ll always remember how he managed to get me into the Press Office in Auckland, during the America’s Cup Challenge in 2003. Well I am the Editor of “The Archivist’s Notebook”!

Bob has been the Club’s Custodian from day one of its foundation, forever guarding the principles and ethics of the Club, and I will always remember when some years ago he rang me to say that he had just bumped into someone who wanted to join our Club. Bob made it quite clear, “ Latch – it’s NO! NO! NO! OK Bob, I’ve got the message!

Bob, enjoy your “eighties”, and many thanks for what you do for our Club.